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Faith (EP - 2016)
Compact Disc (CD)

"...like a feather we float and drift. We pray for the wind while we're falling to the ground..."
"Faith" is an introspective journey through sensations and emotions related to anxieties during transitions. It's an epitome of the fall of some dogmatic certainties.

Track List:
1. BDSM 05:30
2. If You Were Here 04:08
3. Cold Pin 04:41
4. Faith 04:03
5. Consequences 04:05
6. Waterboard (Faith edition) 03:39

Viviana Iannone // vocals
Luca Scarselletta // bass
Simone Sfolcini // drums
Luca Ferrari // guitar,synth

released February 4, 2016

All songs written by Harmaline (Luca Ferrari // Viviana Iannone // Simone Sfolcini // Luca Scarselletta)

Illustrations, Handwritings - La Vee
PH - Tommaso Canciani
Recorded-Mixed-Prod by Enea Bardi - Monostudio (MI)
Studio Assistants: Davide Zaina; Andrea Ferronato
Mastered by Giovanni Versari - La Maestà

Produced by Harmaline - Black Feathers Rec.